The Beginning

This will be a mindful space – a journey. A call to others who feel the same as I, the ones who feel like delicious youths stuck in an adult world, the ones who want to scream FUCK THIS to the normal way of life, who want to brim to the lid with juice, with vibrancy, with lust for everything good in life.

This is just a beginning, but a stream of my life for everyone else who finds it interesting, finds inspiration, or who wants to give inspiration.

The lie of the world, that we have to conform, that we have to act like adults, that we have to blend, that we have to do ANYthing like everyone else… let’s squash the lie and replace it with love, with choice, with valiance, and with pure lust and passion for everything that is possible in life, which is EVERYTHING, if you focus on it.

The focus is everything – anybody who focuses on the ways it can be done, will succeed. Most people give up before they even start, and then when they are dying, they say “Damn, I wish I’d done that.”

Let’s live now. Now is all there is. be a bright light, a beacon, a flaming comet of POW, a dancing kabomb of cheeky, self-loving, heartbursting salaciousness.

Care to join me?

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